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Listen to people talking about self confidence and self esteem and you might easily think that they are ‘things’ that you either have or don’t.

You may not feel very confident as a result of a number of reasons. Often it’s part of a kind of programming. Watching a toddler learn to walk we know that they will definitely have many falls as part of the learning process and you never hear anybody say something like “oh, she’ll never be a good walker”.

Yet as we go through life, trying new things and inevitably having setbacks, some people forget that mistakes are part of learning and expected. So you would have probably heard others’ feedback and criticism and if you don’t feel that great about yourself then it may be because you took their judgments to heart and started believing them.

Particular people like family, teachers, and others we admire or have authority over us are key sources for the beginning of beliefs about ourselves early on in life – positive or negative.

We work to help people turn self confidence and self esteem back into a process – something you can learn to regain control over.

You can give boost your self confidence by changing the way you feel about events in the past, re-examining and tweaking beliefs about yourself and changing unhelpful thought patterns.

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