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Are you sick of feeling stressed out and not doing things that others seem to do easily because you’re worried about what might happen?

Do you wish you could feel more confident and be the kind of person who just ‘goes for it’?

If you are suffering from anxiety you might be frustrated because the anxious thoughts don’t make sense on a rational level. You might also feel embarrassed that you haven’t been able to ‘sort yourself out’.

That’s why it’s so important when we help you with your anxiety issues, that we teach you how to relax yourself, to build internal resources, resolve any underlying trauma, work through negative memories and beliefs about yourself as well as work towards reaching your goals. (What would you like to be like in this situation instead?)

Anxiety is by definition, experienced as worrying about future events. Although the situation the person worries about has not yet happened, someone experiencing anxiety can feel physically stressed (tense muscles, shallow breathing for example) as well as emotionally and mentally stressed.

Each person is different and you may experience anxiety specifically related to a single event or object (eg. flying, speaking in public, earthquakes, betrayal) other times, especially if left untreated the brain gets very good at ‘doing anxiety’ and the person finds themselves feeling anxious about a number of situations. This is when people may be given a diagnosis of ‘generalised anxiety disorder’.

The counselling style we work with is based in NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) and is a solution-focused approach.

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Some people may be eligible for funding assistance for anxiety counselling through Work & Income or Victim Support.
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