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When I started seeing Maree, I couldn’t even face leaving the house and was severly depressed. My doctor even wanted to increase my anti-depressants. I could not work, so was home bound. I was going nowhere fast. Maree helped me more than I ever thought was possible. She gave me the tools to build my confidence and belief in myself that I needed in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. I am now off my anti-depressants, am working part time as a swim teacher, studying to be a nurse and running my own business. I owe my life to Maree.



When I first began working with Jan I was going through the toughest time of my life. I had been diagnosed with depression and I was on Prozac. Everything was so bleak and I didn’t know if I’d ever feel good again. Jan not only showed me how to get out of the depression, but also helped me completely turn my life around. This enabled me to come off Prozac and to feel happy and positive about life again.


Graphic Designer, Christchurch

Self Confidence

My confidence levels have been booming since working with you! I can now socialise easily at parties and have realised that people do find me interesting.

D. Karpe

Film Production Assistant, Berlin

Hi Jan, it’s Mel here. I just wanted to let you know that after two interviews I have just won my dream job. The sun is shining in my life and the NLP sessions with you were fundamental to the sun coming out. Thanks again … The results I have had from my sessions with you have allowed me to refer you with complete confidence.


Health and Safety Advisor, Christchurch

My 15 year old daughter was really struggling, we had shifted to Chch at the beginning of her year 10 and she just didn’t fit into her new school. We spent many sessions with the school guidance counsellor but nothing changed, things went from bad to worseand she became really withdrawn. In desperation we sent her to a different school, things were a bit better, she was ok in other areas of her life, but at school she was still very withdrawn and sad. A friend recommended we try NLP and after a bit of searching we found Maree. Right from the first session my daughter felt very comfortable with Maree and within a few short weeks she become a different girl, she is now happy and it shows in every part of her life, she is singing, dancing, cracking jokes. She bounces into the car after school and talks about all the happy events of her day. It is so miraculous that in typical teenage ‘in the now’mentality, I don’t think she can remember there was ever a problem.

I do not have adequate words to describe how grateful I am for the transformation Maree has brought about it. Maree is incredibly caring and very professional, as a mother I felt completely comfortable leaving my daughter in her care.


Mother, Christchurch


A client with social anxiety, bipolar, depression and panic attacks – reporting before her 4th session – “I have been able to attend a couple of social events and not rely on alcohol to cope. In fact I am finding I am more keen to not drink at all now as it inhibits my ability to really have a genuinely good time and get to know other people. Thank you so very much.



The first time I met Maree, I knew she was genuine about helping me. How sceptical I was in the beginning and during the session in just one precise moment things changed.When I got out of your office I felt so calm and relaxed. Walking around town with ease. It’s like anxiety never existed in my mind.

This was amazing because I have tried Hypnotherapy, Reiki and lots of meditation programmes before and none of them worked for me. Before my treatment, I would avoid people especially in my class where I wouldn’t communicate at all. It affected me severely. But now it’s all over. My anxiety has gone forever and thanks to Maree for helping me. She is awesome and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help.

Don’t hesitate, just make a booking to see her. I must say Wow!!!! because that’s what has happened to me. Even at home I’ve started talking a lot naturally. Nobody else could treat me. I had already spent more than $1000 on Hypnosis alone and $400 on Reiki. But none of them worked. Thank you very much for helping me.


Student, Christchurch

OMG !!! OMG !!! OMG !!! I just HAD to tell you how amazingly the exercises you did with me worked! I had a riding lesson the Friday after I saw you and when the trainer told me to get on my horse, I was nervous and at first felt really uncomfortable and scared because I could see he was really uptight & nervy himself. Then I remembered what to do, and how powerful the energy thing is. So I said to her that I just needed to do my own thing to calm him down, and I really focused on lowering my energy & feeling calm & in control. I totally felt the change in my body and my seat, and I could tell my horse picked it up instantly. Well, within 2 mins I had him walking around the paddock slowly with his head lowered, really nice & quiet. Yay !! So that was a really good experience and lesson for me in just how powerful my energy is when I’m on a horse.

That weekend I went out for a ride with a couple of friends to the beach and rode one of their horses. I wasn’t at all nervous – did exactly the same thing leading him to the track. He was great but once at the beach he go pretty pumped up – they just love it at the beach – and he just wanted to go go go. I was a little nervous then, but used the skills I’ve learned to keep myself calm, and then we were off – trotting along the beach and I just loved it Maree – I was absolutely beaming !! I even ended up having a canter after a lot of hesitation, but we did it!!! And I was loving it!!!

Then the horse saw a track that goes off the beach back onto the walking track (where his owner takes him off the beach to head back home) and he decided time for home and just planted all four feet at a dead stop mid canter. I completely lost my balance, lost my stirrup, was all over the place lol … then he turned & trotted into the water. I was sure I was going to come off, was thrown forward over his shoulder, so just grabbed his mane & held on for dear life – the water looked too damn cold – and somehow managed to stay on & stop him. I was laughing my head off, but my heart was literally pounding!

So we came home, poured a wine & celebrated – my first canter along the beach – which has been my dream!! And now that I’ve done it once, the next time will be easier, and will just continue to get easier I know, so I’m really looking forward to just getting out there & doing it. Thank you SOOOOOOO much Maree – sorry for the epic story, but I really wanted to let you know how fantastic it went, and what a HUGE difference in me since we did that work.

Sharon S.

Sales Manager, Christchurch

Personal Transformation

My life is now the way I always wanted it to be. I have become much more self-confident and I feel that I can achieve anything I want to achieve, and it’s not just the feeling – I get the results! Jan, I have no full understanding of what you started in me, but the effects are phenomenal! Thank you so much !


Hotel Owner and Manager, Düsseldorf

Working with you was energising! I appreciate how you went straight to the cause of the problems and helped me completely solve them.



Jan helped me to easily sort out a very difficult situation in my life. From our work I was able to see what was going on more clearly, take new perspectives and learn ways to solve this problem as well as having the tools to help myself in the future.


Architect, Berlin

Sports – Peak Performance

I am a competitive marathon runner of 15 years and was always hitting the wall during a marathon. I knew it was all in my mind and that if I could just get my mind to think positive thoughts of success I would conquer this phobia I had. After having a few NLP sessions with Maree, I could not believe how my mind became strong and focused. I have now had success in running 2 marathons since my sessions with Maree and no hitting the wall since. Now with such a strong positive mind I am running ultra distances (65k)with still no sign of a weak mind. Maree’s sessions were fun, which made them even more effective. I highly recommend seeing Maree for overcoming your fears as you will find her friendly nature and her professionalism very effective.

Jane Manthorpe

Health and Fitness Coaching, Lifestyle & Business Consultant, Christchurch

As a golf professional I am well aware of the importance of the mental side of the game, both in a playing and coaching capacity. Working with Jan from nWow has improved my ability to communicate more effectively and gain much faster results with my clients. This training gave me the ability to simplify and control my outcomes. This refreshing approach has given me the confidence in my own game to control my thoughts, emotions and outcomes on the course. I have never felt better.

Aiden Berry

Golf Professional, Christchurch


I have recently completed a 3-session course supporting me in a relationship matter, and found the experience not only assisted in this area but also my business and personal life. I can not speak highly enough of the way Jan manages the process and how quickly the results appear. I will definitely use nWow! again for other facets of my life and would be happy to discuss this personally should anyone wish.

Bruce Cartwright


My relationship with my parents has got much better. I can now lead the life I want to lead without needing their approval all the time. Thanks for helping me gainindependence and confidence.


Nurse, Christchurch

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD left me feeling very shattered and I had lost all my confidence, didn’t know where to go for assistance. Having heard about Jan I thought I would give it a go. Well I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for, well it was the best thing I have ever done. Jan has really turned my life around, and giving me back what I lost … ‘the freedom to enjoy life’.




For 3 years I was afraid of going out in deep water. After just one session with Maree I went home, borrowed a mates surf board and went out for a surf. Fast and effective with brilliant results. Cheers!

Broni Mc Sweeney

Fitness Consultant, Christchurch


Maree showed me how to successfully memorise long maths formulas for school exams. I was even able to write them backwards! When I sat down in the exam room, I remembered them easily and could then get on with the exam.

Sophie Milne

School Student, Christchurch


I have never been able to eat avocado. If I did my throat felt very uncomfortable and would feel like it was closing up. But after one session with Maree I couldn’t believe the difference. I ate half an avocado to test it out and I had no reaction at all. Now when my sister brings over her lovely summer salad, I don’t have to miss out.

Sandra Pilet

Sales Representative, Christchurch

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