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The quality of your relationship has the potential to seriously enhance or decrease your enjoyment of life.

Research on married couples has shown that being in a happy relationship results in significant physical and mental health benefits.

In contrast, an unhappy marriage can increase your chances of getting sick, and can even shorten your lifespan!

If you are unhappy in your relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should break up. There were reasons why you fell in love in the first place and you may have simply lost track of that connection over time. This can happen through a number of reasons including stress from work, higher responsibilities and changing roles when having children.

If both partners want to improve the relationship, then a lot can be done by becoming aware of verbal and non-verbal communication, reconnecting with one another, addressing any underlying issues that have come up over time (including emotions and self beliefs from childhood that have been retriggered) and through learning successful communication skills.

Thankfully, having a loving and enjoyable relationship is not rocket science and often comes down to learning some simple rules and investing time in your relationship.

What if you want to improve your relationship, but your partner thinks everything is fine and it’s just your problem?

Although you can’t work directly on how your partner acts or treats you, you can work on everything related to the way you act and treat them (and how you treat yourself!)

For example:

  • Changing the way you respond verbally, non-verbally and emotionally when your partner acts a certain way or say something that normally acts as a trigger for an uncomfortable feeling.
  • Becoming aware of unsupportive beliefs you carry about yourself, or one of your roles in the relationship (breadwinner, mother, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, male, female).
  • Identifying and learning new strategies.
  • Working out the kind of relationship you want, and the steps you can take to move it in that direction.

Jan is trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) which research has shown has a success rate of 70-75% for couples to move from distress to recovery and approximately 90% for couples to show significant improvements. (

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