Congratulations and how you can escape the "Yo-Yo Effect"

First of all congratulations! You have reached the last week of the challenge. Well done! Now because this is your last week, there is something important to consider: Research shows that up to 90% of people who lose weight on a programme regain it after the programme ends. So make sure you are one of the other 10% …

Change the lifestyle and the body will follow
Short-term changes in eating and exercising patterns only give immediate success – but what about next year! Only long-term lifestyle changes will give you the body and fitness you want for years to come as well as the energy levels that come with it and that good feeling about yourself.

The good news is: you have done the hard work already!
Since you have already changed your lifestyle for the last 20 weeks, the rest will be easier: you are more than half way there. You only need to decide now to commit to your new body and fitness level. In short this means keep as many elements of your new lifestyle as possible. They are already part of the new you.

Make your 1-Year Plan
You have successfully followed a 20 week plan, which is nearly half a year. Now it’s time to look further into the future. Imagine what it will feel like when one year from now you are noticing how easy it has been to follow your plan – you’re almost on auto-pilot. What will your body look like after one full year? How toned will you be? What size clothes will you be wearing?

Kick out negative beliefs
Despite your good work and results there might still be some negative beliefs lurking in your mind. Beliefs like “I am a naturally fat person”, “I am not a sporty person”, “Exercising is hard”, and the like are a major stumbling block! The sooner you get rid of them the better – your new lifestyle will take much less work allowing you to achieve goals and happiness more quickly.

Keep in touch
Undoubtedly you will have made new friends on the challenge or deepened existing friendships, or even set up a buddy system. Stay in touch with them – you can find out what their plans are for the future and maybe continue the fun you have had together. You can also sign up to our free newsletter, and keep in touch via our page on Facebook so you will be kept in the loop about upcoming events, courses and specials.

Goodbye – for now
It has been fun accompanying and helping you on your journey. You must be really proud of yourself! Think about how far you’ve come!

Enjoy and celebrate and remember, if you ever have any questions about how to improve what’s going on in your mind or emotions, then just give us a call or email us!

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