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Quick Relaxation through Mindfulness

Listen or download (7.38mins, 7MB) Really easy technique to access a state of calm and relaxation which reduces feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

EFT Tapping sheet

Powerful self-help tool from the field of energy psychology. Based on wisdom from meridian healing work such as acupuncture and more recently Thought Field Therapy, EFT is sometimes called acupuncture without needles! People around the world have been using this tool for issues of both physical and mental/emotional nature. Download here by right clicking and select ‘save file as’: learn_eft.pdf

Master the Art of Motivation

Understand the 3 common mistakes people make in trying to get motivated and 7 steps you can take to ensure that not only will you get motivated but also achieve your goals!

Take a look of Master Motivation You can also download a pdf version of this to save onto your computer Master the Art of Motivation.pdf

Breathing Exercise for Relaxation

Listen or download (7mins, 6.4MB) Learning how to breath deeply (sometimes called diaphragmatic or belly breathing) allows us to access a calmer state of mind which can help release stress and feelings of anxiety. In fact shallow breathing leads to a lesser amount of oxygenated air that goes into our lungs which can make us feel out of breath and anxious in itself. Consciously focusing on breathing deeply can help retrain automatic breathing patterns and can be reaccessed as a way of remaining calm in a stressful situation (or calming down afterwards).

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