Create lasting motivation with just one question

Most of the time when people set a goal they start out completely motivated, but as time passes they lose their drive and motivation to stay on track, and eventually they give up. Just think of how most New Year’s resolutions turn out.

But that doesn’t have to happen to you! If you use the following question you can create lasting motivation and give yourself the energy to continue working towards your goal so that you finally achieve it – even if you are challenged along the way.

People often tell us that their motivation seems to ‘wear off’ after a relatively short time or fluctuate over time. What they have often missed is the fact that in order to get lasting motivation you have to go deeper – to the very heart of your being. What does that mean? Well, you might want to lose some weight and your initial motivation might come from wanting to look better or get healthier. And these seem like good sources of motivation at first glance, we agree. But the question is, is that going to pull you right through to the end?

To increase your chances that it will, you need to go much more deeper! This is what you need to ask yourself:

“If I have that, what do I get through having that that’s even more important?”

You’re probably thinking this sounds like a fairly ordinary question, right? Well, that’s what we thought at first, too … But we guarantee you will be surprised. Let’s try it out. First think of your goal.

Now ask yourself: “If I have that (your goal), what do I get through having that that’s even more important?”

Give yourself a moment to tune in to the answer. It may surprise you or perhaps you might have known it all along. Whatever it is, you should write it down, because we are not done yet.

Now here’s the key, the really valuable information comes from repeating the question over and over again. So when you have this answer, ask yourself again: “If I have that (the answer), what do I get that’s even more important?”

This isn’t something you want to rush through and it isn’t meant to even really be something that you are doing at a fully analytical level of thinking. Instead you want to take your time and really listen to what the answer is that comes from a deeper part of your being. Only when you do this will you truly get a powerful motivation – rush through and you probably wont discover anything new.

So take your time and continue asking yourself until you come to a point where no further answer comes up or your mind appears to go blank.

This final answer is your higher goal. This is what it’s all about. This is your true motivation. Just notice what it is and tune in to the feeling that comes with it – and it is this, that in the in future, will give you strength right throughout your journey.

An example of how this can go: Paula wants to drop a couple of dress sizes, she wants toned thighs and a flatter stomach. She has already pictured this in full detail from exploring her goal in our first audio and text and from that she knows exactly what it will feel like and look like. When she truly steps into that experience in her mind she feels really happy and relieved that she has reached the figure she has been wanting for a long time.

So when Paula thinks of this goal and asks herself “If I had all that, the toned body, flatter stomach, wearing that dress size, what do I get that’s even more important?” she replies, “I would have finally made it”.

Again she asks herself “If I had that, what do I get that’s even more important?” This time she replies “I wont feel so disgusted with myself”. “And if I had that – I would feel ok with my body” “And if I had that – I can relax and be me when I’m with friends” “and if I had that – I can start to have fun” “and if I had that – Seems like my focus is more on just having fun in life” “and if I had that – Well I would be happy” “and if I had that … – no that’s it. I’d just be more content in my life. Happy and content” (Listen to the audio for a longer and more detailed example of the asking part).

When you reach that last answer, take a moment to step into that state and experience it fully. It’s simple: the more you connect with your deeper goal, the more it will fuel your motivation. Don’t just read the example, be curious to find out what your deeper intention is – only your own truth will give you that lasting motivation.

If you dont feel that you are reaching the core motivation by running through this by yourself, feel free to give us a call and one of us can run you through it – (It can sometimes be hard to take on both the ‘question asker’ and answering role at the same time).

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