Boost your Happiness Levels with the Art of Appreciation

Mind over … what? Forget it, it doesn’t matter. Why use complicated, cryptic enlightenment strategies when happiness can be achieved with an extremely easy process? Just a little change in your daily thought patterns can have a huge impact on your levels of happiness and satisfaction …

Part 1: Three is the magic number
You wake up and you … Well, whatever you have done until today is now part of the past if you really want to boost your happiness levels. From tomorrow on think of three things you are looking forward to during the day. That can be little things, like having a nice cup of coffee, meeting a friend, going for a walk, relaxing on the couch, etc., anything that you enjoy. By doing this first thing, you will get your mind in tune with the day and doing this gives you extra energy.

An effective exercise not only for people who feel depressed
This exercise has changed the thinking style of many people, including many who have felt depressed. By repeating it every day it becomes automatic at some point, so you can change your morning mood and have more energy during the whole day.

Part 2: Looking back in appreciation
Just before you go to sleep, you do part 2 of the exercise. It is like part one, just back to front: This time you should look back over the day and find three things that went well, three things you appreciate. If it is not easy at first, that means you will benefit a lot more from this exercise than others! And if a feeling of thankfulness (whatever intensity it may have) comes when you are doing this appreciation exercise, then that means you are on the right way – because appreciation and thankfulness always come hand in hand.

So try it out and let us know how it makes a difference for you!

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